HVAC Tips to Make Your New Home More Energy Efficient
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HVAC Tips to Make Your New Home More Energy Efficient

You’ve finally done it! You’ve bought the home you’ve been waiting for. However, simply buying your dream home is half the battle. Checking in and optimizing your heating and air conditioning system(s) is a good first step when moving into your new home.

Here are some HVAC tips to make your systems save you money by becoming more energy efficient!

HVAC Replacement

Let’s start with the most costly option: replacement.

Yes, replacing an old furnace, air conditioning unit, or both is a costly endeavor. However, this type of investment can save you thousands of dollars down the road!

New HVAC units offer the most energy-efficient performance money can buy. Additionally, you can easily install a smart thermostat for optimal temperature control.

Install More Insulation

One of the most effective ways in making your new home energy efficient is to keep outside air out and your HVAC system’s air in. The main way you keep consistent control over the temperature is by installing more insulation.

Check your attic and assess if it requires more insulation, as this is the biggest culprit in heat loss.

Keep Up on Maintenance

The best strategy in prevention is consistent maintenance. It’s always a good idea to have a trusted professional inspect your HVAC systems once or twice a year.

This yearly inspection method will help maintain your HVAC system’s energy efficiency. Additionally, you can catch any potential problems that may require your heating or cooling systems to be repaired before anything important breaks down.

Use Your Curtains & Blinds

Curtains and blinds are not only useful in helping you get more sleep on Saturdays, but also cut down on heat and cooling costs!

During the hot summer days, keeping your blinds closed will help reflect the sun’s UV rays away from the interior of your home which can take a load off your A/C. The same thing can be said when it comes to winter, as the blinds and curtains provide a barrier between the cold window and your interior, giving an extra layer of insulation.

Change Filters on a Regular Basis

Filters work to catch harmful dust and allergen particles, giving you clean and safe air to breathe in your home. When filters become full and clogged, it can put stress on your HVAC systems, making them work harder.

Be sure to change out your air filters every month or two for optimal efficiency!

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