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Annual A/C maintenance is the best way to stay ahead of any potential repairs and issues with your system. Prolong the lifespan of your home’s air conditioning unit by scheduling a service request with Quality Systems Heating & Cooling today! Our careful and thorough technicians will run diagnostics to identify any issues and perform a tune-up to keep your air conditioner in the best shape possible. We’re also available for 24-hour services to help you keep your home cool, comfortable, and safe. Call us now: 952-226-2665.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Maintenance

If you want to maximize your air conditioner’s performance and lifespan, it must be professionally and regularly maintained. There are several benefits to scheduling a maintenance service with Quality Systems Heating & Cooling.

Increased Energy Efficiency

When you regularly maintain your cooling system, you can also enhance your home’s energy efficiency. Air conditioners often develop clogged air filters and collect dirt on their interiors. When your air conditioner collects too much dirt, it can impact the quality of your home’s air and cause your air conditioner to work harder, resulting in higher monthly energy bills.

At Quality Systems Heating & Cooling, we follow a thorough maintenance process that includes cleaning your system and making sure dirt isn’t collecting in the interior. By scheduling a regular maintenance service for your air conditioner, you will be able to cut down on costly monthly energy bills.

Extended Lifespan

Regular maintenance services help you keep an eye out for any potential issues with your air conditioner. By staying ahead of any potential repairs, you can prolong the lifespan of your air unit. Rather than leaving your air conditioner to collect dirt and develop malfunctioning parts, professional maintenance allows you to sustain a dependable and properly operating air conditioning system.

Smaller Repairs

Because maintenance can help you stay ahead of potential issues, you’ll be able to schedule smaller, less detrimental repairs rather than dealing with larger forms of damage. Our team of experienced technicians will be able to spot any threatening areas within your air conditioner to prevent larger issues from developing down the road.

Improved Air Quality

Maintaining your air conditioner gives you the opportunity to get rid of accumulating dirt and other particles. When you clean your system of these particles, you’ll breathe cleaner air in your home. Keep the dust and dirt out by scheduling a professional inspection and maintenance service with one of our experienced technicians.

From enhancing your home’s energy efficiency to prolonging the lifespan of your cooling system, regular air conditioning maintenance can make a big difference in the long run. If you’re in our service area and think your air conditioner could use a tune-up, please give us a call at 952-226-2665 or connect with us online.

Do I Cover My Air Conditioner in the Winter?

This is a frequently asked question. Air conditioners are built to handle being outside even during the winter months. You do not need to cover your air conditioner during the winter. In fact, covering your unit may attract rodents and pests, as the cover will provide them with ideal shelter from the snow and wind. For more helpful information about your home’s heating and cooling systems, be sure to check out our blog!

Ready to schedule a service? Our team of technicians brings three generations of experience and expertise to each appointment. We want to help you prolong your air conditioner’s lifespan while sustaining a cool, comfortable, and secure home. Contact us today via phone or email.