Winter Furnace Safety Reminders

Winter Furnace Safety Reminders

Nothing can help you power through a treacherous winter quite like the comforting warmth provided by an efficient furnace. But just like any home appliance, sufficient maintenance, routine inspections, and knowing what to keep an eye out for will allow you to avoid any wintertide catastrophes and safely savor heated reverie from brisk, freezing weather.

To ensure that your winter is a safe, healthy, and toasty season, here are a few winter furnace safety reminders to tide you over until those first, edifying signs of spring.

Clear Out Any Clutter

The first tip is the easiest, but not any less important. Maintaining a clear proximity around your winter furnace will not only help prevent the possibility of a fire hazard, but allows for a safe and organized point of entry for any furnace maintenance that needs to be conducted.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, heating equipment is the leading cause of fires occurring in U.S. homes. Whether it’s removing any flammable objects or substances (lint, paper, paint, etc.) within reach of your furnace or cleaning up any adjacent accumulation of dust or debris, be sure to preserve an open and pristine environment surrounding your winter furnace.

Routine Filter Changes

While it’s easy to forget to swap out your furnace’s used and dirty air filters, neglecting this simple duty could have serious consequences. Dirty air filters will diminish the quality and performance of your winter furnace, and can lead to internal debris ignition or carbon monoxide leakage if not routinely replaced.

It’s generally suggested that you should change out your furnace’s filter once a month during winter, especially if it’s being frequently used. Your air quality and furnace maintenance will remain efficient and intact the more you monitor your filters.

Don't Forget To Close the Front Panel

When inspecting your furnace before use or you suspect something might be wrong, make sure your furnace is switched off when you want to access any part of the appliance. Also, don’t try to switch on the boiler when the front panel is opened, as it might not be safe.

It’s best to always consult a professional for help if an issue with your furnace arises rather than doing the work yourself.

Be Mindful of Strange Noises

Weird noises from the furnace indicate something is wrong with it. If this happens, consider calling an expert to look at it. A scraping sound can be caused by a broken blower wheel that can ignite a fire. Cracks in heat exchangers could be another reason for loud bangs. It is recommended to turn off the heat immediately when your furnace starts making sounds and reach out to a professional.

Don't Neglect Strange Smells

Just like noises, a strange smell should not be ignored, either. If you smell rotten eggs near your furnace, it could be due to a potential gas leak. Get out of your home immediately and call an expert for assistance.

Additionally, a strange chemical smell could indicate cracks in the heat exchanger and will require a professional to inspect and either repair or replace.

Test All Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

You might forget they’re even there, but smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are crucial lines of defense against potential home hazards. Make sure your winter furnace is within close proximity to these sensors, and try to test all alarms and detectors at least once a month throughout the winter.

Wintertime is also the most likely season to endure electrical mishaps, so make sure all alarms or detectors are equipped with new backup batteries in the event of a power outage.

Scheduled Inspections

A ‘better safe than sorry’ approach is the recommended perspective to possess when it comes to winter furnace safety. Fall is the perfect season to schedule an annual furnace inspection or tune up, so you can spend your winter warm and without worry.

Before it becomes unbearable outside, be sure to book a furnace maintenance appointment to ensure your unit is maximizing its heating and air performance potential.  

Proper & Professional Installation With Quality Systems Heating & Cooling  

Improper furnace installation is reported to reduce heating system efficiency by up to 30 percent, resulting in skyrocketing utility bills, insufficient safety standards, and inadequate heating.

For top quality HVAC installation and maintenance repair, contact Quality Systems Heating & Cooling today for all your winter furnace needs, or give us a call at 952-226-2665 to determine how your furnace can provide you with the safe and warm winter you deserve.  

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