Winter Furnace Safety Reminders

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Nothing can help you power through a treacherous winter quite like the comforting warmth provided by an efficient furnace. But just like any home appliance, sufficient maintenance, routine inspections, and knowing what to keep an eye out for will allow you to avoid any wintertide catastrophes and safely savour heated reverie from brisk, freezing weather.

Should You Cover Your Air Conditioner?

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Properly maintaining your HVAC system is a key method of ensuring it remains in top-notch condition. One of the most common steps of standard HVAC maintenance is covering your air conditioner during the winter months. However, is covering your air conditioner really necessary? What are the benefits of covering your unit? Here’s a brief overview of why you may want to cover your air conditioner, and why it may also not be completely necessary.

How to Prepare Your Heater for the Winter

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As temperatures dip lower and the first snowfall grows closer, you may be getting ready to turn on your home’s heat. However, after months of sitting still, your heater may require some preparation before you turn it back on. There are several steps you can take to get your heater ready for the winter. By following these steps, you’ll establish a comfortable and safe home environment that is prepared for the winter elements.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance for Commercial HVAC Systems

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There are a lot of parts that go into a comfortable and well-operating commercial building. Among those parts is the HVAC system. Commercial HVAC systems help maintain a content space that remains cool during the summer months and warm during the colder months. When your HVAC system fails, your entire building diminishes in its overall comfort.

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